Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Sitters

While the Travellers were Travelin' Randy watched the boys and I watched the girls. Randy took them to the bucket pool on Friday while I helped Ryan and Steph watch their girls. We got together Friday night for a spaghetti dinner. The children had a great time on the slip and slide. Ryan had them doing all kinds of tricks.
For dessert we had watermelon. The girls loved the watermelon the best.
It was great having Ryan and Steph there. I loved watching the cousins get to know each other.
We all need to get together more often. I just love my children and grandchildren. You are all the best. My joy is full!

Travelin' Travellers

On Friday, June 22, Tony and Jodi joined the Travelin' Travellers in running the Wasatch Relay. It was a 178 mile relay from Logan to Park City, Utah. There were 12 Travellers that ran from 10:00 Friday till about 4:00 Saturday. The temperatures were in the high 90s during the day and in the 50s at night. They each did three legs of the race. They ate and slept in two vans or on the ground. They had a great time, though.

Tony's mother and sister watched the children while they raced and had a great meal prepared for when they finished. On Saturday the children prepared banners and posters to welcome the team home. They all did a great job.

I asked Jodi and Tony if they would do it again. They said it was challenging, but they would do it again. So Hobbs team lets get conditioning for next year. Go Hobbs Team! ( I will watch the children and have a great meal for you when you return.) I will start conditioning for the Tahoe Relay.

Tony and Jodi we are proud of you and your accomplishments. Keep taking the Aleve!


I surprised Pat on his birthday, June 14th, by showing up at his work. We walked into his office and found him with his feet up on the desk talking to someone. Not knowing the content of the conversation I covered his eyes with my hands and waited for him to turn around. Needless to say he was in a heated conversation with someone and this was not a good time to spring a surprise. We just left the office and came back after the conversation. I think Pat was surprised, even though he was not feeling well and his work had given him a headache.

So we tried to cheer him up and he left early and we went home for a dip in the pool, a birthday celebration and early to bed for him.
Camden was not quite sure of his Grandma Hobbs. He got this new farmer outfit so when he comes to visit Great Grandma and Grandpa Searle he can show he knows what a tractor is. We became good friends quickly.
Camden loves his Daddy and Mommy. His giggle is so cute. He loves to eat his rice cereal and fruit and vegetables. Anndalyn keeps telling him "Good Boy" when he gags down his peas. Yuck!
It was over 110 degrees while there and so the pool in their complex was so inviting. Camden loves the water. We went right into the pool when I got there and cooled off. Anndalyn and I exercised in the pool Friday morning and traded off kicking and pushing Camden along the way. He is a little fish in the water.
Friday we met Anndalyn's friend,Jenna, and her boy, Bryan, at a water park near ASU. Camden loved the water and being with his friend. While I was standing there a girl came up to me and to my surprise it was Heather Wade, Laura's best friend from BYU. She recognized me and came to say hi. Travis, her husband, and her family moved to Phoenix a week before Pat and Anndalyn. They live close to where Pat and Anndalyn are building their home. I am sure they will get together and have some barbeques or pool parties.

Post scripe: Notice Anndalyn's cute hair do! We went into the big city and she got it done while I watched Camden. She looks like a movie star.

I had a great time playing and getting to know Camden. He is a special spirit of our Heavenly Father. I think he will walk and not crawl. He hates to be on his tummy. He loves his mom and dad and they are great parents.

They took me to the temple Sunday morning before my flight went out. It is a gorgeous temple and I challenge all of you to attend the temple nearest you often.

Thanks, Pat and Anndalyn, for a wonderful trip. Of course, it was hard for me to leave and I got teary eyed as always when I have to say goodbye. But families can be together forever. We must keep our covenants we make in the temple and strive to live the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am looking forward to having my children and grandchildren with me forever in the kingdom of our Father in Heaven.

Watching the 4 Travellers, or was that 5 Travellers

I got to meet the family Thursday night, June 7th, at Kimberley Park, where Cache was playing his baseball game. He is a good player and looks so handsome in his uniform.
Cooper, our lefty, is also on a T ball team. He wanted his picture taken just like his brother. He is a fast swinger (Just like his dad).

Friday, Shelby wanted to help Grandma make chocolate chip cookies while Libby slept. She was a great helper. She dumped the ingredients into the mixer and helped me find all the needed items. Her reward was licking the beaters. She was a great helper and the cookies were yummy!
Saturday while Tony took the boys 4-wheeling, the girls and I enjoyed the backyard swimming pool. They played in the sand and the pool and got warm on their towels on the deck. The had more sand in the pool than in the sand box by the time swimming was over. They even had sand in every crack of their bodies. Does this remind you of the beach?
When the boys (yes all three) got back, they wanted to give Grandma a ride. I rode on the back with Cache. Wow, did I get the ride of my life. He is a good driver, but he almost threw his grandma off while turning around. Cache and Cooper can do cookies and go very fast. They shift gears and can handle them well. The path was very soft like flour and so when we got back we were covered from head to toe with dust. I definitely had gray hair and needed a shower.

In the evenings we had a movie night. They love watching movies in their parent's bed.

What a scare! Sunday morning Tony woke up early and had to go somewhere to help some out. I woke up and looked in the bedrooms to see where the children were. Everyone sleeping, but I couldn't find Cooper. I asked Tony where he was. He said he was downstairs asleep. I looked down in his room and did not see him in his bed or on the couches anywhere. Tony went down and looked and he could not see him either. We looked upstairs, outside, and Tony started calling for him outside. He got worried and started wondering how he would explain to Jodi when she got back where he had disappeared to. I went back down to his room and could hear heavy breathing. There he was, on the floor under his bed cuddled up with his blanket. He was not feeling well and somehow got there to sleep. What a relief in finding him!
Way to go Mom! We were proud of Jodi and her accomplishment to run with her sister and cousins in the Tahoe Relay. They were excited to see her come home. They made a sign for her and wrote messages and pictures of love to her. I think they were excited to see Grandma go home. She was a slave driver!

Ryan's Birthday

On June 4th, Ryan turned 32. He didn't want a big celebration, so his wonderful family and I just got together for dinner and his favorite fruit pizza. It was a great celebration even though Ryan does not want to admit he is a year older. Kylie loved the streamers, balloons, and candles.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

AJ and Brekke's Wedding

We had a dinner on Friday night at Madeline's Steak House. The food was good (steak, salmon, feticcine). Reed was a good mc. Brekke has a great family. Her mom has MS, but was doing fine those two days. They showed a video of the two of them and they included pictures of Cherie. Brekke's mom paid tribute to her and said what a wonderful woman she must have been to have raised such great children. She was a great mom. That brought tears to many eyes.

Brekke's only brother and friend sang a song to them. He has a great country wester voice. I could have listened to him all night.

We all had a great time. It was very
crowded and hot, but we had great
company. Jeff never showed and so
we ate his food. (Katie was suppose to invite her friend, but she didn't so we just pretended he was there. They just kept bringing him drinks and his food.)

On Friday June 1st at 1:00 they were married in the Salt Lake Temple. Their sealer, Bro. Woods, did a wonderful job. Jaci got to sit in the Mom's chair and Cheri's grandma sat in the grandma chair. That was a special tribute to Cheri. AJ was teary eyed during the ceremony and I know that Cheri was there with him. AJ was her favorite child and I know AJ missed having her there. She would have approved of his choice for a wife. Brekke is a wonderful girl. Those two are laughing and smiling all the time. The new thing in wedding dresses is to wear a temple dress for the sealing and then to wear your wedding dress out of the temple with a colored sash to match your wedding colors. Brekke was very pretty. Her colors were teal, lime green, and black.
Grandpa was not feeling very well, but stood up to give them a hug as soon as they came out of the temple. The three girls are Jaci's and Camilla's. They just followed the married couple around. They had a reception at "The Woods" that night. It was very pretty. They cut the cake and danced towards the end. The grandkids just had a ball dancing.
It was a fun evening for all. They are going to Florida for their honeymoon, thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Searle. They seem very happy and are excited to begin a new life together. AJ is working as a construction manager for a big construction company and maybe might join his father-in-laws contruction management crew. We shall see.

Abbey's Blessing

It was a wonderful Saturday, May 12th.
We blessed little Abbey in the Hansen's home on Draper Hill. It was a wonderful blessing given by her dad and having many step in to assist in the blessing. Look at the proud grandpas and dad!
Stephanie is a good mom and is finding out what work it takes to raise 2 (children that is, not a terrible two year old)!

It was good having both sets of Great Grandparents there. Don't they look young? Both are so proud.

Of course we have the proud grandmas who love to babysit the kids.

Children grow up too fast and I just love watching them grow and learn new things. They seem to enjoy the smallest of God's creations (bugs, dirt, ants, rolly pollys, etc.).